A Mom in a Crop Top

first post. first post. my new years resolution is actually happening. let’s do a dance! and let’s all enjoy my camera phone pictures.  and let me add that this was not an easy task… BUNNY wanted a popsicle, it was chilly, and my husband wanted to get this done in like 10 minutes…okay, he was probably hoping for five.

so let’s discuss the idea of a mom wearing a crop top… let’s all face it, this trend is not going ANYWHERE. except for on my body. all spring, all summer.  i feel better about myself now, after having my lil’ BUNNY, than i ever have. mind, BODY, and soul, and i’m definitely gunna let everyone know it.  i want to teach my daughter how important confidence is. i don’t know if somewhere out there there’s an age limit on the crop top (i hope not), but i tend to break rules… especially when it comes to fashion. if you feel fierce enough to rock a crop, juuuuuust do it.

 2014-03-26 16.04.18   


top/ asos

pants/ bebop from belk

shoes/ bcbgirls (old)

watch/ bulova

ring and bracelet set/ asos

bunny’s dress/ gap




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