flower crowns made with love

like i mentioned in my last post, i recently took a road trip back home. my family and i moved to south carolina last august…a move i always wanted to take. i left behind a life. i left behind my sisters. doing this shoot with them was, of course, fun, but it was also my way of letting them know that they are still a part of my every day. you see, i always placed my sisters before any one or any thing, but when i had my daughter, that obviously had to change. my bunny became my first thought and my true love, but my sisters remained and still remain my soul mates. they are both really extraordinary people.  and now that im writing this, i realize that i couldnt care for my daughter the way i do, if it wasnt for them. the way they look at savannah and the way savannah laughs around them, is absolutely everything. so i hope our flower crown project and photo shoot for this blog are both something theyll look back at when they feel like the distance is too much.

i love you mimi. i love you stinky.









here’s the link to flower crown tutorial we used – lovelyindeed

on me

outfit/ h&m


on elizabeth

peplum top/ kohls

maxi skirt/ rue 21


on belle

top/ target

jeans/ jcpenny


(accessories on sisters – consignment shops)