another day, another selfie, another outfit. today’s outfit was simple for running errands with the little one. story time, craft store for birthday party supplies, and of course, a stop at starbucks. i was thinking recently about how my blog should be gathering more of an audience, especially in the sahm department. i love all the fashion blogs i follow (cara loren, peace love shea,  hello fashion) because i think more expensive clothing with a label or not is just really beautiful, but they arent realistic for me. i cant wear kate spade heels or anything by alexander wang…probably ever. would i like to? of course i would!!!  but im blogging about how im a trendy mom who is interested in the fashion that my wallet will allow. how do i reach more people like me is my question.

just a side note on that, i think cara loren reaches a lot of people because she is a blogger who does a really great job mixing forever 21 with chanel.

errands4 errands5 errands1 errands2 Fuchsia-Fever_pack-shot


lips/ maybelline fuchsia fever

denim/ lc from kohls (old)

shoes/ bcbg (old)  check some out at nordstrom, link, i heard theres a big sale coming up!