i just want to thank everyone who entered my giveaway with jamberry nails. and thanks to all my new instagram followers or anyone who simply checked out my blog due to that. one of the perks of teaming up with rachael engle to do the giveaway was getting a free sample of jamberry nails to try! here is my review!

one thing my sister and i used to do together when we were younger, okay up until i had savannah, was do each others nails. my whole family was down here last week so i wanted to save my jams for my sister. rachael let me pick out my pattern when we first started talking which was a nice lil’ shopping moment. there are so many different decals to choose from but i decided to go with a bright, aztec-inspired print. before starting, me and my sisty watched a tutorial which i totally recommend if you are a first timer…maybe even a second or third timer. i probably wouldve just tried sticking them on, ha, but some blow drying is involved. it is very hard to get the decal perfectly smooth, we realized almost immediately. i wasnt sure if we werent heating the jam enough or pressing and pulling hard enough. in the video tutorial, the lady said the decal can handle a lot of tugging and maybe i didnt trust that enough. the whole thing takes a little time so when you decide to start putting on your jamberrys, make sure your daughter is asleep and you have a nice glass of wine ready… maybe not the wine…depends i guess! lol. despite the buckles and time, i think they look so cool on and again, i think they are a really neat product. im almost positive that the more times you use jamberry, the smoother the nails will get and the time frame gets cut in half. doing this with my sister obviously made it a lot fun. i cant imagine how much fun hosting a party would be! i would love to see the pro jammers put on the decals. i already asked rachael for a few contacts in the charleston area!

just a side note, my sister is a nurse and said these were perfect for her because she cant have nail polish on that chips. she texted me the other night and said a patients husband complimented her nails! when a man notices something beauty or fashion related, you know it must look super fab.

thanks, rachael!!!  www.rachaelengle.jamberrynails.net

jamberry2 jamberry3 jamberry1 jamberry4 jamberry5

my bunny had to get on this, too. such a mini-me.


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