todays post is all about these platform sneakers. i realized recently that i didnt own a casual but cute pair of shoes to just throw on while running to target or soon, taking my child to preschool. sandals dont always work. i cant ALWAYS have my toenails painted. being alone on my birthday was the perfect opportunity to change that. these are from asos, truffle brand. now these are not full on spice girl.. werent some of theirs like 6 inches? crazy. i felt like i had weights attached to my feet all day, i cant imagine how heavy a few more inches would be. man, i loved the spice girls. i liked scary the best, my sister was a baby spice fan, and yes, we did own the dolls. now that im writing this, i wish i had a pic from their concert we went to or just of me with my GIRL POWER shirt on. 90’s bands were so great. who was your fav spice?







shoes/ asos

sunnies/ vogue eyewear from sunglass hut

*these photos were taken at charles towne landing in charleston, sc