back to the selfies. yes, i know. not ideal, but my husband is working a lot this weekend so i didnt wana bother him too much. notice i said too much. lol. with that, i was really thinking that doing these once a week is something i should keep up with. after all, my blog is supposed to be different. im a sahm who doesnt get the chance to take photos every single day. doing these selfies represents my pov. im a trendy mom who wants the world to see style thru my eyes. who knows, maybe ill end up making a selfie book or something. wink. back to business. i have a confession. every now and then i fall in love with a piece, and as soon as its clean, i wear it again. this romper is currently that piece. like i mentioned in a previous post, i think rompers and jumpsuits are great for any mom. this specific romper has a great summer print, looks good even on days when im not feelin’ too hot about myself, and its easy. thats the most important thing, isnt it?





romper/ h&m (another great end-of-summer option)

sandals/ target