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good morning everyone. i am so excited to tease you guys. im doing a lil shoulder dance as i say “teeeeease you guys” out loud. lol.  im here to review WILDROOTS, an incredible body care essentials company, and to announce that we’ll be doing a giveaway in the next couple days! i told ya’ll exciting things were happening. before i start telling you guys about the products ive tried, i want to say that this package was the best smelling mail i have ever received. seriously, it all smells so good.

okay, so the other night i used the ginger mint & lime body polish which has sea salts, oils, and herbs that act as an exfoliate. i chose to use this on my feet because theyre gettin a lil’ dry with the weather change. again, this stuff smells amazing. i love all things mint so i couldnt wait to get this on my skin. seriously, i have this weird obsession with toothpaste, but… back to the product! i just massaged this onto my feet and rinsed it (took only a few minutes), and i still feel the difference a whole day later. i havent gotten a pedi in, i dont even know how long, but for the little amount of time i rubbed this on each foot, it was truly relaxing. before megan sent me products, she asked if i liked baths. i said no, its too hard to relax. lol. im sure every mom out there can agree with me on that. but taking the extra few minutes the other night after my bunny went to sleep, were needed. my go to to relax is tv and a glass of wine, but i realized that taking care of my body should be up there on the list. im promising myself that i will continue with the mini-pedis.

after that and my shower, i used the body oil which has calendula, chamomile, and marshmallow root. u guuuuuuys. this stuff is crazy. my body has never felt more soft. and adding this to feet was the cherry on top of my lil pedicure moment. it’s really absorbent so it doesnt leave that oily feel. do you guys know that im talking about? it just leaves a beautiful smell and completely hydrated skin.

all of WILDROOTS products are hand-made and are made of completely natural ingredients. and it’s so obvious. i cant wait to share more with you guys! i have a fun lip product to tell you about when it gets closer to giveaway time!

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