you know those days when you’re chillin, watching football on a sunday, and you realize that you look kinda cute? cuter than some of those times that you try sooooo hard to look flawless? i love those days. and those days, call for selfies. this look, minus the shoes, is from target which is my go-to for comfy/ workout clothes. why spend a fortune on those matchy outfits when you can get great basics that look just as cute? seriously, a sahm can never have too many leggings. i also wanted everyone to recognize that i, once again, have my jamberry nail wraps on. a product that i love and highly recommend you try. they’re fun. they look great. there are so many choices. and did you know you can host a party for your friends online? and omg, you can wear comfy basics from target during the party! what a great way to tie all that together. wink.

comfy6 comfy5 comfy4 comfy3 comfy2 comfy1

sweatshirt/ target (leggings and tank, too)

shoes/ nike (not mine, but i like these)

interested in jamberry, contact my girl Rachael