one more review for all you wonderful people. i wanted to give everyone a heads up on the giveaway WILDROOTS and i are doing. its starting tomorrow! go follow us both on instagram (atrendymomsescape and wildrootsbodycare) to be ahead of the others. so i haaaaaad to tell everyone about this whipped lip polish product. WILDROOTS was kind enough to send me the cinnamon and tonka bean flavor, and i am so happy she did. i literally feel like i could eat this. which would probably, technically, be alright because wildroots uses natural ingredients, but… i wont. its smells so good and like all lip product, you are bound to get a lil taste. 🙂 the sugars in the lip polish scrub away all the dry patches and the cinnamon leaf plumps and softens. i love lip product; chapsticks, glosses, plumpers, and lipsticks. and this is eeeeasily the best form of chapstick i’ve used. no question. i told my besty the other day that it is the bomb dot com. WILDROOTS, i will forever be a customer because of this whipped lip polish.