a little late today but im here now. busy running my daughter around! so this post is more about a little experiment than anything else. it was really a last minute thing. first i slipped into this american apparel dress which ive had forever and is one of my absolute favs. then i experimented with some lip color. ive mentioned before that i really dig the black lip trend thats happening right now but never really knew when to try it out or where to wear it out to. i mean most weeks, the only place i go is my daughters school… not so appropriate. i figured playing around with it at home first would benefit me here. give me some confidence to wear it out some time. when i went to ulta one day and asked for a dark lipstick, the sales lady just told me to try the nyx jumbo eye pencil. that way i could layer it with a another lipstick, like i did here, or just leave it plain. so let me know what you think. personally, i love it. i always try to push the edge a lil bit so i think this is a super easy and trendy way to do so. and i think next time ill wear it out and ill try it with a purple on top. i also want to say thanks to getchitter for the daisy perfume. felt pretty cool getting free swag in the mail. big time blogger here. lol. i actually cut out a magazine sample of marc jacobs daisy and stuck it in my husbands wallet years ago… he never got the hint. i love it! thanks again getchitter and to everyone who follows winifred jac.









nyx jumbo eye pencil – ulta 

lasting finish lipstick – rimmel