awsm tat

im coming to you from the comfort of my own home. im trying really hard to keep up with outfit posts but my bunny has been sick and i feel like every day we are doing something fun to get ready for christmas. i wanted to do a quick shoot to talk about an awesome (literally) product that is very trendy right now. awsm tattoo. they are designer, temporary tattoos. their metallic tats are so cool and completely safe as they are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. theyre a good accessory choice to change things up a little bit. im completely obsessed to be honest. i feel like the metallic screams summer but with the holidays coming up, sparkle and shine and sheen are everywhere so itll totally work! my favorites are the bracelet tats because you can stack those babies up your arm or place them in a cool spot and leave them straight like i did. after playing with FROZEN tattoos with my 3 year old for the last few months, im kind of excited to wear something thats a little more me. THANK YOU AWSM TATTOO!

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