consignment find

to start the week off, i want to show ya’ll my latest find! let it be known that i am, in no way, above consignment shops. i frequent them often. i bring a lot of pieces to them because i have the thought that if i get something new, i can get rid of something old. and i’ve realized they’re the only way ill ever even have the option to own a louis vuitton bag. one, in particular that i love down here in summerville is stacy’s closet. a few weeks ago i went to stacy’s closet and saw these amazing chinese laundry over-the-knee boots that i had actually just put on my christmas list. can you believe i actually thought about not buying them? they fit me great, even though they’re a half size smaller and they’re pretty much in perfect condition. talk about being in the right place at the right time. i think that’s what a consignment shop is all about really, right?!

20141206_135347 20141206_135333