here’s to the other side of me.

you would think that this post has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, but little do you know we spent an hour fighting over what to wear. by we, i am referring to my besty and myself. like i talked about in my previous post, my best friend marie was visiting, and she happens to be a bomb-a** photographer. we wanted to do some dance pics for her dance project, and, of course, the first discussion is about what to wear! so there, my style is involved in this post, but more importantly, i want to talk about my love of dance.

i have been dancing since i was five years old and besides learning the obvious (how to dance), the friendships, teachers, and structure that it provided has impacted my life greatly. if you asked me what time in my life i would go back to, i would say when i was 9-12 years old. that’s only if i can still have my life right now…my bunny. those years involved dance competitions and my best friends. i remember even at nine years old knowing that i would always remember those nights running around a hotel with curlers in our hair. later in life, i was taught by a man named ed burgess. he got me. right away. he helped me realize who i was as a dancer, he gave me the confidence i carry to this day, and he complimented me and i knew he meant it, and he will always be a hero of mine. im lucky i got to tell him all this before he sadly passed away. i was always a shy girl and always felt kind of lost at school and in life, but when i went to my dance studio, i was a different person. it was like a safe haven. it was home. even when i rebelled in high school, i still always went to dance class and worked hard. it’s been a constant in my life and i dont know where i would be without it. my bunny dances right now and its amazing to see, but i will never make her dance just because i did/do. but i want her to have a constant. i want her to have a passion that stays with her… for all the reasons above.










photo cred/ marie herian